Why Should You Create a Personal or Family History Project?

Photo Credit: Linda Schmidt

Whether you produce a personal history project yourself, hire someone to help you, or arrange to help a loved one, experience the satisfying process of life review first hand. Your legacy story can be shared with your family and later generations, or it can remain private. You choose.



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There are many reasons to create a personal history

  • Celebrate your life and share your life experiences with others
  • Preserve important family stories and memories
  • Gain insight into yourself and the struggles, choices, and forces that shaped your life
  • Find direction for the rest of your life
  • Share your wisdom and the lessons you've learned
  • Heal, especially if your life has been marked by pain or tragedy
  • Celebrate a life or create a tribute to someone who has died or is dying
  • Connect names and stories with those old family photos
  • Bring life to the family tree
  • Make connections between the generations of your family
  • Bear witness to events that affected many people
  • Set the record straight and tell your side of the story
  • Give back to the community
  • Create a gift from one generation to the next

Remember: your life story may be your most important legacy.