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Emma Fulenwider

I started my personal historian career at the APH conference 2015. Those five days set my business ahead three years, at least. Being connected to other people in the industry has accelerated the growth of my business in ways I can't even measure. I encourage anyone who is serious about doing this kind of work to join APH. It is an irreplaceable resource.

Emma Fulenwider of Cedar Pen Stories, California

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Emma Fulenwider

I joined APH years before I actually started my business and learned an incredible amount from seasoned personal historians. People were very generous and answered many questions. I spent hours in the Listserv® archives, took classes, and was able to tailor the sample contracts provided for my business. Invaluable!

Linda Schmidt of Memory Echoes, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Emma Fulenwider

When I stepped into my first APH conference in 2008, I was floored by the kindness, helpfulness, openness, and caring that I experienced throughout the organization and with every person I met. This taught me to conduct my own business in a much more open and caring way. I have made close friendships and strong associations among the organization that support me both as a human being and as a small business owner, bringing me more and more referrals for collaborations for my book design business. In the process, besides acting as a guide and support, I have also learned so much about working with others, how we all need to see each other as an individual who is special.

Robin Brooks of The Beauty of Books, Colrain, in rural western MA

Clinton Haby

Being a part of APH is important to me because I now have my fingers on the pulse of the industry. Before APH, I was on an island making business decisions in a vacuum. Now I know how I stack up, I can talk shop with colleagues and even provide expertise to newer personal historians. APH is rewarding on multiple fronts.

Clinton Haby of StoryKeeping, Helotes, Texas