2017 Symposium Short Courses

The APH Life Story Symposium, September 24-27, 2017, at the Intercontinental Riverfront Saint Paul Hotel

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Here is a sampling of the short courses that will be offered at the Life Story Symposium. As the topics and presenters are finalized, more short courses will be posted here. When the entire program has been confirmed, you will have a chance to register for specific short courses of your choice.

Your Brand Talks – But What Is It Saying?

In this session you will learn how to create consistency that will develop trust in your brand, how to develop authentic relationships using your website and social media, and how to integrate technology to save time, increase sales and build your business.

Presenter Rebecca Metz is the owner of WebPagesThatSell.com and winner of the Minnesota Women In Networking Connector Award. She and her staff have extensive backgrounds in IT, creative problem solving, brand promotion, teaching and marketing strategies.

Beyond the Family Client: Explore a New Income Stream

As personal historians, we often talk about branching out from family clients to produce institutional/business histories, but we usually imagine these as lengthy and expensive projects. This workshop is about reimagining products for corporate, nonprofit, educational, and religious institutions. The focus is on shorter, more affordable, and easier to produce booklets and videos that advance particular goals of the institution.

Presenter Stephanie Kadel Taras, Ph.D., makes a full-time living through her seventeen year-old company, TimePieces Personal Biographies, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A book writer, Stephanie has written more than fifty individual life histories and many shorter projects for organizations of all sorts. These days she specializes in complex narrative histories for large families, family businesses, colleges, and other institutions. She is currently serving as president of the APH board.

Outside Your Office: Teaching Online Classes to Boost Income and Exposure

Distance learning through webinars and online classes is a great way to connect with your audience. This session will discuss how to adapt your face-to-face teaching skills for the online environment, and how to use these online delivery methods to promote and expand your business. Principal technologies addressed will be GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting.

Presenter Lois Abromitis Mackin, Ph.D., is a professional genealogist. She teaches about genealogical records and methods on- and offline, and writes for genealogical publications. She implemented her state genealogical society’s webinar program, initiated speaker development activities for the award-winning Northland chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists and moderates national webinars.

Intellectual Property 101: Be Safe Out There!

Understanding the legal ramifications of our work is vitally important. In this course, learn all about copyright, trademark and other basics of intellectual property from a seasoned entrepreneurial attorney.  Come with questions - with no hourly fee!

Presenter Lori Wiese-Parks, Esq., is a member of the Entrepreneurial Services Group of Minneapolis law firm Gray Plant Mooty, as well as the Intellectual Property, Technology & Privacy and Agribusiness & Food practice teams. Her practice focuses on the business and transactional aspects of intellectual property use and protection in all facets of business including independent and collaboration arrangements for the design, development, creation, production, advertising, distribution, and other use or licensing of technology, products, and services.

The Marketing Roadmap: How to Move Your Business Beyond Facebook and a Website

Many small business owners are overwhelmed with marketing. You may have been give advice by others to “try Facebook” or “run ads” but as many have found, they are not enough. Join a marketing expert as she helps you put together a roadmap - or as our presenter calls it—a Trail to the Sale—to make sure your marketing is effective and manageable.

Presenter Janice Hostager is a marketing coach who has been in the marketing world for more that 25 years. She has been a small business owner for 15 years, and has a passion for working with other entrepreneurs.

Marketing and Public Relations: How to Make a Book Sell

The work isn't over when the manuscript is finished. Many people feel that marketing their book was more difficult than writing it. The best books in the world won’t sell if no one knows about them. Whatever the genre, if you want your book to sell, you need to promote it. So what do you include in a marketing plan? When do you need to create one? What needs to be included? And what else do you need to do to get the word out? What if your book has been out awhile; can you rev up sales for an older book?

Presenter Rachel M. Anderson is the founder of the book marketing and PR firm RMA Publicity. Rachel has more than 25 years of communications experience across a wide range of disciplines. She helps publishers and those who have self-published promote their books to local, national, and international audiences. She also has experience as a television newscast producer, television newscast reporter, newspaper reporter, and copywriter.

Sales Without Selling

Learn the reasons for why we buy and what you can do to get people interested in what you're selling without actually having to feel like a "sales-person." This class will be educational and interactive, finding out what your challenges are and helping to solve them on the spot. Time is limited so come prepared to take lots of notes and ask direct questions.

Presenter David Dubé is an author, speaker, and business coach with OnlyOneYouNeed, Inc. His career in coaching began almost 13 years ago with his course "How to Make Lifelong Clients in Just 30 Seconds" where he teaches how to read people's personality types, learning styles, communication styles, cultural differences and body language to quickly and easily connect and make clients. Since then his business has evolved into world-wide business coaching and corporate training.

Ethical Reminiscence: How To Reduce the Risk of Harm to Your Clients

In this session, we will explore the psychological theories, benefits, and risks of delving into the sometimes painful, traumatic past experiences of our clients. With the goal of becoming more informed, responsible professionals, you will learn how to analyze the emotional health of potential clients and recognize red flags through pre-interview assessments, and how to set correct boundaries as an effective, compassionate listener.  

Presenter Mary Beth Frost, a member of APH since 2012, earned her certificate in Reminiscence and Life Story Work through the University of Wisconsin Superior in 2015. Using her experiences and skills from over 20 years of teaching and more than 10 years of freelance writing, she launched her own business, Faith Journey Memoirs, LLC, out of her northern Wisconsin home in 2014. As a memoir writing instructor, personal writing coach, interviewer, book writer and designer, Mary Beth has witnessed the remarkable emotional journeys her clients have taken as they tell their life stories.

Create and Sell a Profitable Workshop

In this course we'll cover a step-by-step process for developing and marketing a workshop that will sell. People brand new to facilitating and marketing workshops will learn the foundational components to creating a successful workshop. More experienced business owners will develop a more refined strategy for getting the attendance and scaling up revenue.

Presenter Laura Adrian is a trailblazer, change-maker, and leader for people who want to create more compassion and happiness in their own lives as well in the world. She is the founder of Whole Life Elevation, which empowers people to create positive change in life and business. Her emphasis is on practical tools for overcoming obstacles, cultivating unshakable confidence, navigating negative thoughts, and believing in the impossible (or as Audrey Hepburn says, is more accurately "I'm possible").