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Resources for Members

APH members benefit from online and live educational opportunities, marketing resources and tools, and networking to build a career as a professional personal historian. Join APH now to take advantage of these materials and events, and more.

APH Publications and Resources

Marketing and Business Resources

Educational Resources

  • Monthly Marketing Roundtables, a chance to listen to and share marketing strategies among colleagues
  • Active and energetic member Listserv®, for discussions, encouragement, and feedback, with searchable archive of past discussions
  • Downloadable webinar and conference workshop recordings

Events and Workshops

Annual Symposium

  • An annual event that usually includes keynote speakers, business and craft workshops, opportunities for members to showcase their work, and lots of networking. Held in a different location every year.

Regional Resources

Professional Development

  • program to recognize members who are working to increase or maintain their skills through activity and education in APH and in their local communities