2016 Conference2016 - "Kick It Up" Fort Worth, Texas

  • Keynote speakers:
    • Dr. John Phillip Colletta, genealogist and author of Only a Few Bones: A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and Its Aftermath
    • Dr. Max Krochmal, assistant professor of history, Texas Christian University; project director of oral history website, Civil Rights in Black and Brown, profiling civil rights experience of African American, Mexican American, and white activists across Texas
    • John Centrone, film score composer and expert on history of music in film
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Martha Humphries

2015 Conference2015 - “Cultivate and Thrive” Sacramento, California  

  • Keynote speakers:

    • Andy Anderson, Ph.D., Wells Fargo Executive Vice President and Chief Historians, author of Stagecoach: Wells Fargo and the Rise of the American Financial Services
    • Satsuki Ina, Ph.D., Emmy Award-winning filmmaker for Children of the Camps and From a Silk Cocoon
    • Chris Enss, comedienne, scriptwriter, and New York Times bestselling author on books about the men and women of the American West
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Liz Abess

keynote speaker Omar

2014 - “Believe It. Achieve It.” St. Louis, Missouri

  • Keynote speakers:
    • Henry "Hank" Greenspan, Ph.D., psychologist, playwright, author of On Listening to Holocaust Survivors: Recounting Life History, co-author of Reflections: Auschwitz, Memory and Life Recreated, and writer/performer of one-man play REMNANTS
    • Qais Akbar Omar, author of A Fort of Nine Towers
    • Steve Luxenberg, Washington Post editor and author of Annie's Ghosts: A Journey Into a Family Secret.
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Peggy Greenwood.
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public event displays2013 - “Capital Reflections” Washington, DC

  • Keynote speakers:

    • Steve Young, founder and executive producer of PBS series, Our American Family
    • Grace Guggenheim, Oscar-winning producer and executive producer of historical documentaries, including D-Day Remembered, LBJ: A Remembrance, and The Johnstown Flood
    • Steve Roberts, journalist and bureau chief with The New York Times and NYT bestselling author, including My Father's House and From Every End of This Earth, and co-author with wife Cokie Roberts of From This Day Forward.
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Ronda Barrett.
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workshop video2012 - "Turning Points" St. Louis, Missouri

  • Keynote speakers:

    • Ruth Ann Hager, genealogist and reference specialist and co-author with Lynne Jackson, director of the Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, of Dred and Harriett Scott: Their Family Story
    • Suzanne Doyle, Ph.D., director of LUMINA Life Review and Legacy Program
    • Jason Womack, productivity expert and author of YourBest Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More
    • Haliday Douglas, humanities teacher and historian, creator of student-made film, The Experiences That Shaped Us.
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Mary Harrison
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2014 conference

2011 - “Expanding Horizons” Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Keynote speakers:

    • Nikki Silva, Peabody award-winning producer of NPR Hidden Kitchens
    • Mike Green, Ph.D., professor, blogger, and author of The Families That Built Las Vegas
    • Oksana Marafiotti, author of American Gypsy
    • Ben Patton, documentary filmmaker, grandson of World War II General George S. Patton, and author of Growing up Patton.
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Barbara Tabach
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crowd2010 - “Voice of the Elders” Victoria, British Columbia

  • Keynote speakers:

    • John Elliott, awarded an honorary doctorate in Natural Law by the Maharishi University of Management in recognition of his work on the connection between traditional language and nature
    • Jeffrey Webster, past president of the International Institute for Reminiscence and Life Review, co-editor of two books on reminiscence
    • Rob Budd, audio-visual curator and audio preservationist for B.C.’s Provincial Archives, and author of Voices of British Columbia.
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Pattie Whitehouse
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Vendor Expo2009 - "Historical Perspectives" Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

  • Keynote speakers:
    • Maureen Taylor, historical photo analyst, author of The Last Muster: Images of the Revolutionary War Generation
    • Charles A. Hardy, president Oral History Association
    • Lily Koppel, author of The Red Leather Diary
  • Local Conference Program Chair: Marianne Waller

The earliest gathering of personal historians took place in 1995 in Amherst, Massachusetts. Twenty people gathered together and were excited to find themselves sharing experiences and information instead of inventing a new process and product on their own. Over the years, conferences have been held in Dallas (TX), Salt Lake City (UT), Tampa (FL), Grand Rapids (MI), Portland (OR), Franklin (TN), Valley Forge (PA), and other cities. APH celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2015.