APH Education Program

Because of the great diversity of product offerings from APH members, APH does not offer a certification program. However, providing education for our members is a key part of our mission. We offer workshops and classes (online and at our annual conference) that cover topics important for personal history work. We also offer a Professional Development Program to help our members track their commitment to personal history and their efforts to increase their skills and knowledge.

See our Calendar of Events for more information on upcoming classes.

Our workshops and classes focus on these key skills and areas:

Core Skills

  • Business Skills and Marketing (business planning, pricing, project management, websites, public speaking, etc.)
  • Legal Understanding (copyright, fair use and permissions, libel and slander, etc.)
  • Psychology and Gerontology (psychology of reminiscence and life review, issues related to aging, etc.)

Product Areas

photography specialty personal history work
  • Audio (producing professional-quality audio recordings)
  • Video (producing professional-quality videos)
  • Print (producing professional-quality books and other items in print)
  • Online (preserving life stories in online formats)

Specialty Areas

  • Archiving, Preservation, Conservation (preserving family materials)
  • Ethical Wills and Legacy Letters (creating documents that share values, blessings, life’s lessons, hopes, and forgiveness)
  • Historical Knowledge and Research (providing background information to supplement client stories)
  • Interviewing (listening effectively, recognizing and responding to a wide range of personalities and situations)
  • Oral History Techniques  
  • Writing and Editing  (specialized writing techniques of narrative non-fiction)
  • Print Design and Publishing  (designing books, providing publishing options, understanding book distribution and sales)
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Niche Products and Services (producing corporate histories, community projects, heirloom cookbooks and quilts, pet histories, memorials, and web-based services)
  • Genealogy  (creating family trees, corroborating family stories)
  • Photo and Image Services (scanning, enhancing photos, correcting colors, restoring)
  • Public Speaking (speaking to groups about personal history and related topics)
  • Reminiscence and Life Review (understanding the process and benefits)
  • Teaching (planning and offering classes on a variety of topics, such as memoir writing, genealogy, and photo preservation)