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Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two.
When you understand the steps needed to produce a high-quality book, along with the skills and resources that it takes, you can make informed decisions about what to do yourself, what to hire a professional for,
Dick Margulis 02/24/2016 webinar aph avatar
APH Colorado Chapter bi-monthly meeting
The Colorado chapter of the Assn of Personal Historians will hold its bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 2016, noon- 3 p.m.
Cherie Orwig Denver, CO 80231 US 03/16/2016 onsite aph avatar
Business Building Series 2016
Rescheduled!! Invest in Yourself! Are you just starting your Personal History business? Or perhaps you've taken the plunge but need some expert advice to move forward.
Dan Darling 03/21/2016-
webinar aph avatar
Life Reflection Story Facilitator Training and Certification
Life Reflection Story blended educational training includes self-paced web-based interactive content modules combined with live video conference coaching leading to Celebrations of Life certification as a Legacy Navigator for Life Reflection Stories.
Barry Baines 01/27/2016-
Get Started - Write My Story Coaching Program
If you want to start writing your life story or gain tools to assist your clients in writing their stories, then find the information, encouragement, and help you need in Get Started-Write My Story, an online video/personal and group coaching program.
Patricia Charpentier 02/01/2016-
Guided Autobiography Online Instructor Training--Complete in Just 6 Weeks!
Add to your repertoire of skills by becoming a Guided Autobiography (GAB) Instructor! Receive your certificate in just 6 online sessions. Love what you do and earn extra income teaching this proven, theme-based method.
Anita Reyes 02/04/2016-
Reminiscence and Life Story Work on-line certificate
Interactive, on-line program to prepare participants to use the powerful tools of reminiscence and life review to help others tell their life stories.
Esther Gieschen 03/21/2016-
Vignettes & Verses: Write Your Memories Traveling in Ireland
Travel to Cork and the Beara Peninsula to excavate memories in nonfiction prose or poetry. This eight-day traveling workshop will involve classes, independent writing, excursions, and lectures led by local writers.
Meg Eberle Cork, Ireland, -Sel IE 06/19/2016-


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