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Write Your Travel Memoirs: Learn Story Craft While You Create a Personal History Sample
Build your skills as a personal historian while you produce an enticing work sample. By writing about your life, you will better understand what your clients experience, and learn story craft to help you tell your clients' stories with more flair.
Sarah White 10/31/2014-
webinar aph avatar
Money Matters
Writers, editors, designers, consultants: we all love learning more about our craft—the fine points, the ninja moves, that thing that moves us from apprentice to master. Thinking about and dealing with money? Not so much.
cj Madigan 11/03/2014-
webinar aph avatar
APH November Coffee Break: Using the Features of the APH Website
The APH Coffee Break is a chance for APH members to meet and greet, share information, ask for advice, and gain a sense of community.
Linda Coffin 11/05/2014 videocon aph avatar
APH-Colorado Chapter bi-monthly meeting
The Colorado chapter of the Assn of Personal Historians will hold its bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 19. We have three new members who plan to attend. Come meet them!
Cherie Orwig Denver, CO 80231 US 11/19/2014 onsite aph avatar
Facts, Photos & Fair Use: Copyright Law for Personal Historians
Copyright. Licensed. Public Domain. The difference between something that's covered by one of these terms rather than another can be the difference between getting sued - and having no problems at all.
Judy G. Russell 12/04/2014 webinar aph avatar
Sales "Do's and Don'ts"
This class will introduce personal historians to an effective sales process that encourages potential clients to talk about why a personal history is important to THEM!
Dhyan Atkinson 12/09/2014 webinar aph avatar
APH Washington, DC Area Meeting
Please join us to network, share examples of your work, and discuss further opportunities for community outreach and member training. Former APH president and long-time personal historian Pat McNees will talk about pricing structures for PH services.
Karla Haworth Bethesda, MD 20814 US 01/10/2015 onsite aph avatar
Starting Your Successful Personal History Business: Do What Works for You
This three-part class will introduce new personal historians to the business of personal history and how to customize your business practices to your skills, goals, and personality.
Stephanie Kadel Taras 01/12/2015-
webinar aph avatar
See It Through! Finish My Book in 90 Days
Do you have trouble carving out time to do your own writing? Is it easy for you to start writing, but difficult for you to see your stories through to completion? Are you overwhelmed with details, unable to organize your thoughts into a cohesive whole?
Patricia Charpentier 09/03/2014-
My Life Stories ONLINE Guided Memoir Writing Workshop
Learn how to write the stories of your life, just two pages at a time. Join my 8-week dynamic workshop to create the meaningful legacy you've always to share.
Sam Uhl 09/11/2014-
Writing the Stories of Your Life
This is a life-story writing workshop where participants write a 2-page story each week on major life themes at Oatlands Mansion and Gardens in Leesburg, Virginia. Oatlands and the stories of the people who lived there will be featured.
Ruth McCully Leesburg, VA US 09/16/2014-
5 Week Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters Facilitators Live Video Conference Training
Five weekly Live video-conference training leading to Celebrations of Life certification as an Ethical Wills/Legacy Letters facilitator.
Barry Baines 10/01/2014-
Your Legacy of Generosity: Making a Difference Plan Facilitator Live Video Conference Training
Live video-conference training for becoming a Celebrations of Life Certified Making a Difference Plan facilitator.
Barry Baines 10/21/2014-
Show & Tell in Anacortes with Teru Lundsten
The public is invited to bring old photos, letters, and family mementos to show and tell the stories behind them.
Teru Lundsten Anacortes, WA 98221 US 10/29/2014 onsite  
War and Peace: in Their Own Voices
Saturday, November 1 from 2-4PM at the Bellingham Public Library, 100 Blackstone Street, we are saying ‘Thank you’ to military veterans and those who have served on the homefront.
Marjorie Turner Hollman Bellingham, MA 02019 US 11/01/2014 onsite  
Legacy Of Wisdom: Life Reflection Stories Live Video Conference Training
Live video-conference training for becoming a Celebrations of Life Certified Life Reflection Stories facilitator.
Barry Baines 11/03/2014-
Preserving and Archiving Your Family Papers and Photographs
This workshop gives a brief and basic overview of how individuals can perform long-term preservation of important family papers and photographs.
Karla Haworth McLean, VA 22101 US 11/08/2014 onsite  
How to Write a Memoir: Preserving Your Stories for Generations to Come
The Huntington Woods Public Library will be hosting a free memoir writing workshop Wed., November 12, 2014 at 7 pm
Susan Carroll Huntington Woods, MI 48070 US 11/12/2014 onsite  
Show & Tell for Grownups
Come join us in a light-hearted opportunity to reminisce. Bring an object that holds meaning for you – perhaps a piece of china, a book or diary, a vase, a baseball mitt, or a photograph.
Linda Coffin Minneapolis, MN 55408 US 11/12/2014 onsite  
Show & Tell in Madison with Sarah White
The public is invited to bring old photos, letters, and family mementos to show and tell the stories behind them.
Sarah White Madison, WI 53714 US 11/15/2014 onsite  


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