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Location When Format aph avatar
APH October Coffee Break: How Is the World Using Life Stories? A Global Perspective from Oxford
The APH Coffee Break is a chance for APH members to meet and greet online, ask questions about APH and personal history in general.
Linda Coffin 10/05/2016 videocon aph avatar
Write Your Way to a Better Attitude About Money
Would you like to talk more comfortably about money with current and potential clients? Start by developing a better attitude about money, yourself.
Sarah White 11/03/2016-
webinar aph avatar
Part-Time Work, Full-Time Success
This affordable online seminar is sure to spark some creative ideas to help you achieve the goals you have for your own Personal History career.
Dan Darling 11/15/2016 webinar aph avatar
Keeping Your Projects Under Control
In this online learning event, APH Executive Director Linda Coffin will provide tips and tricks to help you organize your projects -- and yourself -- so that your work and time management can be more effective.
Linda Coffin 11/16/2016 webinar aph avatar
Making Words Work: Style Editing for Personal Historians
This workshop will appeal to those who want to become more confident writers and editors of legacy texts.
Jean Sheppard 11/29/2016-
webinar aph avatar
Soup and Stories - A Seven Week Life Story Writing Workshop
Memories Preserved is hosting a 7 week life story writing workshop using the Guided Autobiography method. GAB is a process for life story preservation and exploration through individual autobiographical writing and group sharing.
Lindsey  Hulstrom Whitewater, WI 53190 US 09/22/2016-
10 Steps to Teaching Any Online Class (Online Mini-Course)--Just $9.95
What's your passion? What would you like to share with others? Learn a skill that will enable you to earn income from your home computer. This mini-course provides an overview on how you can start teaching online!
Anita Reyes 09/27/2016 webinar  
Intro to eGAB Online Life Story Sharing Group
See the online classroom. Learn how live, online life story sharing works. This webinar is an introduction to the 6-week eGAB Life Story Sharing Group that begins Oct 5th. Free Webinar
Anita Reyes 09/27/2016 webinar  
How to Earn Income Teaching Classes--or Meeting with People--ONLINE
How to: (1) Choose online service; (2) plan courses; (3) create effective flyers & web pages; (4) publicize classes; (5) receive payments; (6) manage online classroom (5) teach classes (7) meet with clients, colleagues or groups . . . and more.
Anita Reyes 10/04/2016-
eGAB Online Life Story Sharing Group
Trouble finding the time and structure to write your own life stories? Join a dynamic, interactive and supportive online group of 4-6 people!
Anita Reyes 10/05/2016-
Guided Autobiography Online Instructor Training--Complete in Just 6 Weeks!
Add to your repertoire of skills by becoming a Guided Autobiography (GAB) Instructor! Receive your certificate in just 6 online sessions. Love what you do and earn extra income teaching this proven, theme-based method.
Anita Reyes 10/06/2016-
Share Your Health Story & Learn Natural Paths to Better Health
In this online course, you may write down your top three ailments--or those of loved ones--and share them in class. You'll learn natural ways to address these health concerns using pure plant oils.
Anita Reyes 10/10/2016-
Southern Festival of Books APH Booth
Southern regional festival for writers and readers has author-led panel discussions, (including The Genre of Memoir) book signings, book and organizational vendors, and entertainment. SHOW YOUR SERVICES and network with APHers & Public.
Deborah Wilbrink Nashville, TN 37243 US 10/14/2016-
The Art of Personal History: Tips for Creating Your Own Illustrated Family Heirloom Book
Discover how to unearth hidden family treasures, conduct interviews, research, write and illustrate your own illustrated family heirloom book.
Lisa Kagan Portland, OR 97005 US 10/17/2016 onsite  
The Art of Transformation, Exploring Life Milestones through Art and Story
Are you at an important juncture in your life? Have you recently gone through a rite of passage or are you preparing to usher in a time of change?
Lisa Kagan Portland, OR 97206 US 11/06/2016 onsite  
Sharing the Fire: The Northeast Storytelling Conference
STF is the place to come to experience the best tellers in the Northeast. The general public is invited to storytelling concerts.
  Plymouth, MA US 03/24/2017-


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  • Webinar - a combination of web and seminar; it is usually a live presentation online but can be a recorded presentation
  • Videoconference - a method of presentation that relies on visual contact between the presenter and the audience
  • Teleconference - presentation via telephone so the information exchange is all audio; originally known as conference call
  • Online - self-paced course via the Internet
  • Onsite - takes place in person at a designated location

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