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Location When Format aph avatar
Write Your Way to a Better Attitude About Money
Would you like to talk more comfortably about money with current and potential clients? Start by developing a better attitude about money, yourself.
Sarah White 11/03/2016-
webinar aph avatar
Part-Time Work, Full-Time Success
This affordable online seminar is sure to spark some creative ideas to help you achieve the goals you have for your own Personal History career.
Dan Darling 11/15/2016 webinar aph avatar
APH Colorado Chapter bi-monthly meeting
The Colorado chapter of the Assn of Personal Historians will hold its bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, noon-3 p.m.
Cherie Orwig Denver, CO 80231 US 11/16/2016 onsite aph avatar
Making Words Work: Style Editing for Personal Historians
This workshop will appeal to those who want to become more confident writers and editors of legacy texts.
Jean Sheppard 11/29/2016-
webinar aph avatar
Tell Me Your Story Now workshop series
In a 5 week workshop create a gift from the heart to your posterity. Include stories from childhood, education, religion, career, relationships, family life – experiences that reflect what you value and what you’d like to share.
Michele Brown Salt Lake City, UT US 10/01/2016-
How to Earn Income Teaching Classes--or Meeting with People--ONLINE
How to: (1) Choose online service; (2) plan courses; (3) create effective flyers & web pages; (4) publicize classes; (5) receive payments; (6) manage online classroom (5) teach classes (7) meet with clients, colleagues or groups . . . and more.
Anita Reyes 10/04/2016-
eGAB Online Life Story Sharing Group
Trouble finding the time and structure to write your own life stories? Join a dynamic, interactive and supportive online group of 4-6 people!
Anita Reyes 10/05/2016-
Guided Autobiography Online Instructor Training--Complete in Just 6 Weeks!
Add to your repertoire of skills by becoming a Guided Autobiography (GAB) Instructor! Receive your certificate in just 6 online sessions. Love what you do and earn extra income teaching this proven, theme-based method.
Anita Reyes 10/06/2016-
The Art of Transformation, Exploring Life Milestones through Art and Story
Are you at an important juncture in your life? Have you recently gone through a rite of passage or are you preparing to usher in a time of change?
Lisa Kagan Portland, OR 97206 US 11/06/2016 onsite  
Sharing the Fire: The Northeast Storytelling Conference
STF is the place to come to experience the best tellers in the Northeast. The general public is invited to storytelling concerts.
  Plymouth, MA US 03/24/2017-


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  • Webinar - a combination of web and seminar; it is usually a live presentation online but can be a recorded presentation
  • Videoconference - a method of presentation that relies on visual contact between the presenter and the audience
  • Teleconference - presentation via telephone so the information exchange is all audio; originally known as conference call
  • Online - self-paced course via the Internet
  • Onsite - takes place in person at a designated location

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