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The Association of Personal Historians (APH) is a not-for-profit trade association whose members use various media to preserve histories, life stories and memories for individuals, organizations and communities. APH has more than 650 members in the U.S., Canada and other countries world-wide.

The APH Newsroom is where you can find media contacts, news stories about personal history as well as search through a library of press coverage about and by APH members. APH members have appeared across a broad spectrum of publications and media outlets including the Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio.

In addition, writers, editors and researchers can access background and factual information about the association and the work members do.

We welcome your efforts to learn more about our organization. Personal history is a young and still relatively unknown profession. Every instance of relaying information about this service helps build awareness in the public eye and helps individuals, businesses and families capture and preserve their stories in a way that will enrich the next generation.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact:
Judith McDowell, APH Marketing Director

Below are a few of the most recent posts. See all the posts for APH Members in the News

Press Dt In The News
Article/Broadcast Title   Publication/Station
04/26/2016 Morgan, Alisha Do You Need a Personal Historian?  (Byline: Susan Adcox)
IN BRIEF: How to decide if you need a personal historian, and what to look for in a professional memoir writer.
Grandparenting Roles
worldwide dist
04/02/2016 Morgan, Alisha How to Create a Memoir or Family History  (Byline: Susan Adcox)
IN BRIEF: The article is about grandparents creating memoirs as gifts for their grandchildren. The author lists businesses and services who can help create memoirs and family histories, as books or movies.
Grandparenting Roles
worldwide dist
03/16/2016 Pender, Steve Family Legacy Video  (Byline: Tina Sansone)
IN BRIEF: "Family Legacy Video offers an awesome opportunity to share your family history," writes genealogy columnist Tina Sansone. See article here:
  Germantown News
Germantown, Tennessee