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03/04/2015 Personal History Their Dying Wishes  (Byline: Ann Neumann)
IN BRIEF: This is a lovely piece by a hospice worker who understands what is truly important. → more
  The NY Times
05/07/2014 Personal History Love and Stuff  (Byline: Judith Helfand)
IN BRIEF: A daughter laments not taking her mother up on her offer to collaboratively review the stories behind her possessions. → more
05/29/2013 Personal History Tips on Archiving Family History, Part I  (Byline: n/a)
IN BRIEF: Readers sent dozens of questions about archiving and preserving family history and stories to Bertram Lyons, an archivist at the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress in Washington. → more
  The NY Times
04/24/2013 Personal History The Listening Project: Midwood takes Brooklyn seniors down memory lane for SPARC  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A documentary filmmaker recorded the oral history of more than 40 senior citizens in Midwood, Brooklyn, NY → more
  TV News 12/Brooklyn
03/15/2013 Personal History The Stories That Bind us  (Byline: Bruce Feiler)
IN BRIEF: ... The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative... → more
  The New York Times
01/18/2013 Personal History Need Extra Cash? Start Your Own Business  (Byline: Jane Bryant Quinn)
IN BRIEF: Writing Family Histories is touted as a potential small business one can start for $5000 and under. → more
12/07/2012 Personal History Before Passing Along Valuables, Passing Along Values  (Byline: Robert Powell)
IN BRIEF: Why legacies and life lessons are an increasingly important part of estate planning. → more
  The Wall Street Journal
12/01/2012 Personal History Your Company's History as a Leadership Tool  (Byline: n/a)
IN BRIEF: Regarding the importance of maintaining corporate histories, the authors posit that a sophisticated understanding of the past is one of the most powerful tools they have for shaping the future. → more
  Harvard Business Review
05/14/2012 Personal History Alzeimer's Patients Turn To Stories INstead of Memories  (Byline: Joanne Silberner)
IN BRIEF: Using a program called Timeslips, Alzheimer's patients are shown pictures or lifestyle situations and asked to create a story about them. This has opened up lines of communication. → more
04/02/2012 Personal History How The Pop-UP Radio Archive is Saving Culture  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Three School of Information master’s students are working with a pair of independent radio producers, Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson,(NPR's Kitchen Sisters) to solve a longstanding information-management and archival problem. → more
  UC Berkeley School Of Information website
11/06/2011 Personal History Storytelling inspires Iowa folklorist  (Byline: MIke Kilen)
IN BRIEF: Riki Saltzman's grandparents used to pull out family photographs. Today, she works for the Dept. of Cultural Affairs in Iowa as the state folklorist. → more
  Des Moines Register
07/13/2011 Personal History 'Memoir Project' Gives Tips For Telling Your Story  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: Everyone has a story to tell, but writer and memoir writing instructor Marion Roach Smith says making those stories interesting and readable is harder than it looks. → more
  NPR Radio/Website
07/13/2011 Personal History Author Interviews: 'Memoir Project' Gives Tips for Telling Your Story  (Byline: Neal Conan)
IN BRIEF: Memoir writing instructor Marion Roach Smith speaks with NPR's Neal Conan about her book, The Memoir Project. → more
07/01/2011 APH Personal storytellers capture the tales, memories of people  (Byline: Jennifer Miller)
IN BRIEF: Sherry Borzo, Pat McNees, and Larry Lehmer talk about what personal historians do. → more
  Des Moines Register
05/17/2008 APH Seniors record stories to preserve personal history  (Byline: Marilyn Gardner)
IN BRIEF: With notebooks, tape recorders, and video cameras, families are coaxing a lifetime of memories from beloved relatives. → more
  Christian Science Monitor
10/17/2007 APH The Power of Telling Family Stories  (Byline: MIke Brozda)
IN BRIEF: Seniors, families and caregivers recognize the value of reminiscences and life reflection. → more
05/01/2006 Personal History How To Write Your Life Story  (Byline: Megan M. Roe)
IN BRIEF: I was born. I lived. I died. These three statements will one day be true of everyone. But will they be all that is remembered about you? → more
  The Herald Journal
04/01/2006 Personal History We Had The Love, But I Long for the Letters  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: What bothers me now is that I don't have anything tangible to look at. Yes, of course, I have pictures--photos, slides, even a couple of collections of slides on videocassettes. → more
03/30/2006 Personal History Lessons of the Terri Schiavo Case  (Byline: unknown)
IN BRIEF: A one hour NPR radio interview on "Talk of the Nation" about the legacy of Terri Schiavo. (Note: APH Member Marc Aaron Johnson c → more
  NPR Radio
11/01/2005 Personal History Get to Know Your Family, Friends Better  (Byline: n/a)
IN BRIEF: Article on Real Simple magazine's website that give tips for making the most of your conversations with your parents about themselves and their past. Also includes a downloadable PDF worksheet of personal history questions. → more
10/06/2005 Personal History Farewell, With Love and Instructions  (Byline: Lizette Alvarez)
IN BRIEF: A story of how individuals can preserve the legacy of their life experiences. → more
  The New York Times
10/24/2004 Personal History Finding the Man War Left Behind  (Byline: Stuart Laidlaw)
IN BRIEF: A son searches army records to find the stories his father never told him. → more
  The Toronto Star

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