2016 Conference Workshops

24 workshops were offered in five sessions. Conference participants could attend one in each session.

Concurrent Workshops, Session 1

  • "Show & Tell: A Kick-It-Up Tool," Martie McNabb
  • "Money Matters: Calculating a Profitable Hourly Rate," cj Madigan
  • "If Ken Burns Can Do It: Video Storytelling Techniques," Steve Pender
  • "Narrative as Catharsis: A History of Healing Through Story," James Walsh, PhD
  • "Pathways to Print: A Step-by-Step Guide to Book Production," Katie Murphy

Concurrent Workshops, Session 2

  • "Writing a Narrative Family History: The Snares & Pitfalls," John Philip Colletta, PhD
  • "Branding Your Personal History Company: Logos, Language, and Brand Promise," Alli Joseph
  • "Let's Talk Business: Better Product, Better Income," Stacy Derby
  • "Copyrights, Rights, and Permissions: What Personal Historians Need to Know," Pat McNees

Concurrent Workshops, Session 3

  • "I Never Promised You a Best-Seller: Crafting a Personal History for the Commercial Market," Mary Beth Lagerborg
  • "Make Microsoft Word Work for You," Patricia Charpentier
  • "Add Audio to Your Repertoire: Expand Your Business with Audio," Lili Shank
  • "Print Production Workflow: Key to a Smooth, Profitable Book Project," cj Madigan
  • "Today's Speaker Is ...: Public Speaking for Video Biographers," Steve Pender

Concurrent Workshops, Session 4

  • "Oran Fixation: A New Promotional Event," Nicole Stewart
  • "Video Production from Soup to Nuts: Part I - Elements of Production," Dan Darling
  • "How to Stay Alive in Business: Lessons from 30 Years of Self-Employment," Linda Coffin
  • "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: Working with Traumatic Memories," Dr. Jo Eckler
  • "Teaching Life Writing: Crafting Workshops and Seminars," Dee Dees

Concurrent Workshops, Session 5

  • "Video Production from Soup to Nuts: Part II - Post Production," Dan Darling
  • "Marketing Lightning Rounds: Answers to Pressing Marketing Issues," Lauren Midgley
  • "Pricing for Profit: A Framework Based on Costs and Markets," Sarah White
  • "Spiritual Memoir," Patricia Charpentier
  • "Engaging Different Cultures: Moving Beyond Your Community," Max Krochmal