2016 Conference Program Chair Martha Humphries welcomed APH members from around the world to the APH 2016 Annual Conference, "Kick It Up."

The conference was held in Fort Worth, Texas, October 23-27, 2016. 

Classic Texas values: individualism and entrepreneurship — values relevant to all personal historians!

During its history, the city of Fort Worth was nearly buried and forgotten several times, but residents refused to give up. Drawing on their individualism and entrepreneurship, Fort Worth chose to Kick It Up — discovering the means to survive its challenges and flourish into the vibrant, historic city it is today.

Like the early residents of Fort Worth, brave enough to travel to where the west begins, personal historians are forging new territory—striking out to establish an industry that focuses on capturing and preserving the stories of individuals, one story at a time!

Please join us in Fort Worth for the unique experience of encountering the Wild West in a city that prides itself in preserving its history for future generations, a pride understood and shared by all personal historians.

Whether novice or expert, as personal historians, we all must draw upon our individualism and entrepreneurship to keep our skills and services relevant and fresh. The 2016 APH annual conference will help you do just that. Join us as we focus on the many ways personal historians can Kick It Up, honing business acumen with increased emphasis on marketing, budgeting, and other skills designed to enhance or begin your personal history business.

Fort Worth brands itself as the city of cowboys and culture. From the Stockyards National Historic District to world-class art museums, Fort Worth is a city where the old and new live and prosper together.