Learn why you should save your life stories—or become one of the growing number of people who help others save their life stories.

What Is Personal History?

Personal histories can be written memoirs, audio or video tributes, autobiographies, biographies, family histories, heritage cookbooks, community histories, corporate and organizational histories, legacy letters, and ethical wills. A personal history can be a book, video, website, scrapbook, photo collage—even a song or a quilt.

Everyone has a story. Every person. Every city. Every organization. Every business.

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Want help to save your own life story, the story of a loved one, or the story of a community or organization? There are people around the world who help individuals, families, organizations, and communities preserve their valuable histories, memories, and life stories.

Let one of them help you.


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Why Members Value APH

"Being connected to other people in the [personal history] industry has accelerated the growth of my business in ways I can't even measure. . . ."

Emma Fulenwider of Cedar Pen Stories, California
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